Marble Surface
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❤️ Bubble Tea Carrier

物の語 My Story I Finally a product to pamper yourself or your soul mate with non other then the beloved bubble tea ! 物の語 love bubble tea as much as you and always make sure that we had one (or more !) when we had to chance to who wouldn't love a cup of wonder all store inside a size of a cup. 物の語 are also a environmentalist saving our planet one plastic bag at a time ! with the carrier not only you get to enjoy your favorite drinks but also to enjoy it in style. Check it out saving the environment and enjoyment could finally work hand in hand.


物の語 My Story I We're a firm believer that every one deserved a product that belong to them given by their dearest one. My Story dedicated our life work into creating a unique piece of companion to be by the side of your dearest one in their life that's why we only 100% handcrafted so that our consumer can feel the love and dedication in each and every of our product that was produce.

Product's Dimension & Measurement
(Estimated 1 ~ 2cm Vary as Product are 100% Handcrafted)

- ❤️ Bubble Tea Carrier

- est ~ Universal Size (Suitable for all major bubble tea brand)

Product Include
(Placement for Fabric are all Random)

- 1 x ❤️ Designed Fabric

- ❤️ Water Resistance Inner Layer

- ❤️ Name Embroidery (Optional)       
 (View our Embroidery Page
 for More Information)

Handcraft Policy

物の語 My Story I As every single product is made to order with 100% crafted by hand we will like to seek your understanding that product image from the textile/fabric, colour, size and measurement might be vary from the product to product.

Made to Order

物の語 My Story I As every single product is made to order and 100% crafted with love to ensure that all product are to meet our standard we required lead time of estimation 7 working day to 30 working days for completion as order hike completion date might exceed the given date kindly check with us via facebook chat or instagram chat before ordering to avoid any miscommunication. We seek your understanding and patient with us as we would do our best in completing each order earlier with our quality control.

Care Instructions

物の語 My Story I Recommended to hand-wash all product our product with cold water if washing machine is required kindly place product into a laundry bag before washing, avoid washing with hot water or drying with a dryer. Suggest to sanitize or disinfect for extra care.


Return & Refund Policy

物の語 My Story I As the product is fully made to order return or refund would not be apply once order and payment had been confirm unless stated by 物の語 otherwise or given instructions. If the product you received is compromise or damaged kindly contact us for further instructions, we would review case by case to deem if return or refund is entitled.